Understanding Dual Diagnosis…

By Safe Call Now Admin Staff

Substance abuse is a chemical dependency, characterized by the uncontrollable use of addictive drugs or alcohol. A dependency on addictive substances impacts the mind and body and can have serious, long-term consequences, and these risks are compounded by a dual diagnosis (e.g., depression, major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder, adult ADHD, etc.).

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The Isolation Of Our Correctional Officers…

By Dr. Olivia Johnson – Blue Wall Institute

The isolation of a job in corrections can leave many feeling out of sight and out of mind. And being out of sight and out of mind tends to allow certain things to go unaddressed. A general consensus I have noticed when talking with CO’s has been that they believe no one cares about their wellbeing and that workplace bullying and bad behavior is at an all time high. Just listening to these stories is enough to make you cry, but I have to ask: What is wrong with us that we have become so cold as to not care about a fellow officer? When did backstabbing, gossip, and all around bad behavior in the workplace become acceptable? Of course perception and reality may be two different things, but if so many CO’s are feeling this way, doesn’t that say something? If it doesn’t, it should.

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Dispatchers… The Most Important People You Will Never See

By Jan Myers

A Couple of Questions: Why is the phrase, ‘I’m just a dispatcher” still used? When will dispatchers finally accept that they are first responders?

Over 18 years ago I was tasked to write an article; an extremely unfamiliar and uncomfortable task required to complete a year long process of becoming a master instructor for California Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST). This was not a task I took lightly for two reasons: Being published scared the living crap out of me, and, I was JUST a dispatcher…How could someone like me write an article?

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