California Dreaming…

Safe Call Now was off to Palmdale, CA this week to visit with Cycles of Change and met with an incredible staff.  What struck me immediately was their CEO Joseph Hunter, M.A. and his view on life, how he prepares his staff and how that translates to providing the most outstanding services to our first responders and their family members.  What really sets them apart is their ability to focus on healing the entire family and not just the impacted client.  He’s right, if the whole system isn’t treated it will break down again.  Their unique multiple modalities of treatment demonstrates to me that they’re not a “one size fits all” type of therapy and that the individual is truly placed first.  Clinical staff relates to clients on a “human” level which is a special gift in this arena.  They have dedicated facilities specific for first responders in California and have an office in Las Vegas as well.

Cycles of Change in conjunction with Safe Call Now offers a “FREE FAMILY PROGRAM” for first responders as well. Stress. Anxiety. Fear. Helplessness. Anger. Combine these emotions with mounting expenses related to property damage, legal trouble and hospital bills, and it’s easy to understand why family members often begin to feel hostile or resentful toward their loved ones.

“We believe that the family suffers just as much as the person that is affected. One of the things that sets us apart is that we are very family focused – we concentrate on getting the whole entire family to recover”.

For more information call Darcy Yurek at: 661-902-8005 or email her at

Safe Call Now also launched in Partnership with Rosecrance its “Teen Program” this week.  This is a gap in the healthcare system that’s been overlooked for far too long.  Let’s get honest after recent events, sometimes our children struggle. Whether it be with anxiety, depression, PTSD, substance abuse or complex issues they can suffer just like the rest of us. They don’t have to as we have a program specifically designed for their needs ages 13-20. Our children deserve this help. For more info and immediate help call:

Lisa Primm at 815-529-3907 or email her at

Safe Call Now officially accepted and is #honored to be presenting at the Annual NAWLEE (National Association of Women Law Enforcement Executives) Conference and LAWPOA Symposium in Los Angeles, CA on August 3rd, 2018 to the finest members of the international law enforcement community.

Off to Topeka, Kansas to Keynote at the Kansas Narcotics Officers Association Conference