Chronic Pain and the First Responder

By Safe Call Now Admin

What is chronic pain? The word “chronos” is actually derived from the Greek word, Chronos, which means, “time” and “year.” According to, chronic pain is a condition that lasts longer than six months.

There are two types of chronic pain. There is malignant chronic pain, which usually is a symptom of cancer, AIDS and other severe illnesses. People who are in the final stages of a terminal illness are often given narcotics, including morphine and methadone to help make them a little more comfortable. Addiction is not as high a priority at this stage of the game. The key is to make the terminally ill client at ease during a difficult time.

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The People Who Save Lives at Safe Call Now… Joe Palkovic

By Safe Call Now Admin

At Safe Call Now we are so grateful for the men and women who volunteer their time to serve all first responders, retirees and their family members nationwide in their times of need.  You will never know who they are or what they look like and probably don’t care at 2:00 am because you just need help.  Our Peer Advocates are so dedicated to guiding you through your time of crisis that we wanted to take this opportunity to introduce them to you.  They really are special individuals.

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First Responders and “Misuse”

By Joseph Hunter M.A.

First responders endanger their lives to be of service to others, but in doing so, they are often at risk of misusing alcohol and drugs.  To begin with, what is a first responder?  They are trained professionals who arrive first at the scene of an emergency.

While we are driving, we might hear sirens, and pull over to the right side of the street to let ambulances, fire trucks, and police cars zoom by. Inside those vehicles are first responders, en route to a critical situation. When such an event occurs, there is no time to spare. These courageous men and women must get to the scene of the emergency as fast as possible. Imagine the stress that they are in, knowing that the lives of civilians depend on them!

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