Bruised… Not Broken

By Jordeen Bishop

Life started out not so well for me as a child, when my psychotic mother would give up all parental rights to my father when I was four.  We expect our mothers to be loving, caring and protect us from all evil but what do you do when she is “the evil one”?  As some have lived through the horrors of a dysfunctional childhood, I would soon have the same experience from years of emotional and verbal abuse to her showing me what violence looks like in motion.

Molestation by a neighbor and later by a stepbrother would show what sexual love does not look like.  This would occur over an almost five year period and ending abruptly.  Years later bullying in junior high and high school would become the new norm for me in what being unpopular and different looks like.  It was a living hell for me.

Life after high school was seriously rough from learning what it is like to be in financial ruins, loss of a job, bankrupt, loss of friends, feeling like a loser and being estranged from my father.  

Rounding up all of this evil in this world, I would find myself in an unexpected situation of being sexually assaulted by a Canadian Police Officer and being so traumatized by the event(s) that I did not report it.

I had suicidal thoughts and made several attempts from the age of five until 23 years old.  I was on the brink of a major breakdown.

Reaching out to friends in various professions and with my husband stepping into my life at the right time, I knew at that moment my life had been spared from my suicidal thoughts and attempts.  In fact, I had no financial or events planned after my 26th birthday, as I had hoped I would have left this Earth on my own free will.  Fortunately, God instead had other plans for me and changed my heart, soul and mind. 

Though life has been a struggle early on in life, I promise there is HOPE waiting for you at the end of your dark tunnel.  When you reach out, you are showing STRENGTH by being surrounded by love, compassion, listening ears, shoulder to cry on and with open arms.  That my friend, is being STRONG.

Safe Call Now:  24 Hour Hotline:  206-459-3020