Miss Baylee Almon… Through Sheer Tragedy You Have Brought Us All Life!

By Sean Riley

Most everyone around the world recognizes this photo on that fateful day of April 19th, 1995 in Oklahoma City of my dear friend Chris Fields so tenderly holding Baylee Almon in her last moments of life.  I’ve viewed this photograph over and over and finally had the chance to have an open and adult conversation with Chris about his experience that day and his subsequent battles and recovery in life every day after.  Baylee brought so much more to this world than this picture that is etched in everybody’s mind.

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The First Responder Who Becomes The “Accidental Addict”

By Dr. Maryann Rosenthal Ph.D.

Today, millions of Americans suffer with all kinds of physical concerns that cause them serious pain.  They are in need of pain management to help them function and are often prescribed appropriate medications to help them cope and manage their condition. However, because these drugs are so powerful and their need so great, bodies can build up a tolerance for the medications.  They then need more of the drug to obtain the same effect.  Eventually they can become overly dependent on these drugs, which can have a very negative effect on their quality of their life.

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Happy Fathers Day… Take Your Lumps Like A Man

By Sean Riley

So…  how do you say thank you to a man who worked 40 plus years in a factory and provided me with every opportunity he never had in life and then I crushed his heart and became a drug addict and ultimately indicted by the Federal Government for “Doctor Shopping”…  Well let me start here.

I want to introduce to everyone my father, Tim Riley.  I think the thing I respect most about him is he’s my “father” not my friend.  I’ll tell you later why this was so important in saving my life.  He’s the kind of man that has always been there to help others. Whenever anything went wrong in our entire family my dad was always there to make it all work out. Is he a pushover…  hell no, never was, never will be.  He’s a man of character, faith, ethics and family values.

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