Can The Treatment Centers Do The “Right Thing?” This One Does

By Sean Riley

Today CEO Joe Hunter officially announced that on behalf of his renowned First Responder Wellness Program and his two recovery facilities at Cycles of Change Recovery Services and Design for Change Recovery Services that he will donate two full scholarship beds (1 male and 1 female) for those out there still suffering that don’t have the means, capability or ability to afford world class trauma informed care and co-occurring substance use disorder treatment.  Joe further challenged the rest of the treatment centers and providers in America to also “step up” and do their part to provide and “give back” to help with the current epidemic that’s sweeping our nation.

Joe pledged these two full treatment scholarships to Jean Baugh Krisle, CEO & Founder of the non-profit 10,000 Beds.  Jean started her 10,000 Beds non-profit with the mission:

“To connect individuals seeking help for addiction to vetted treatment programs.  We partner with extraordinary treatment programs throughout the United States to provide addiction treatment scholarships to individuals without resources seeking help for addiction.”

The idea for 10,000 Beds was born out of founder Jean Krisle’s awareness of empty beds in treatment centers throughout the United States​ and at the​ same time people without resources​ wanting and needing addiction treatment. ​Jean knew this was an equation that needed to be solved. ​The unique model of reaching out directly to treatment centers for scholarships has resulted in more than $5,000,000 in awarded scholarships since 10,000 Beds launched in September 2015.

CEO Joe Hunter & CEO Jen Baugh Krisle, you are both to be commended for your passion, dedication and efforts to provide the best treatment in America for all that seek help even though they don’t have the ability to do so financially.  On behalf of Safe Call Now, I am also “calling out” the other treatment providers in America to “put their money where their mouth is.”  We will find out as we always do if providers are out there to provide care for all or just to those that drive profits for their facilities.  I believe that all treatment centers and providers have the moral and ethical obligation to provide a limited amount of scholarships to better our communities.  Share this article with everyone you know and to anyplace you can think of that can help change the lives and families of those that can’t.  #ArmorUp  #LetsSaveLives #changethenarrative

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