“Catching Hell” With Jay Dobyns

By Safe Call Now Admin

Jay Dobyns was hired by ATF on a Monday in 1987.  4 days later he was shot point-blank in the back by a criminal suspect.  The bullet traveled through his lung and exited his chest.  He was just 26 years old.

While in the hospital, he rejected offers from attorneys who promised millions of dollars in a lawsuit against his agency.

He rushed back to work and for the next 27 years, enthusiastically accepted every dirty and dangerous assignment possible. Some days he succeeded, on others he failed, but all he ever wanted to do was to defend and protect people who couldn’t, or wouldn’t, do that for themselves. Every morning when his alarm clock went off he was excited to investigate violent crime on behalf of the American public.

Death threats mounted from street criminals. At a point in time three international crime syndicates held contracts to murder him, gang rape his wife, torture his teenage daughter and kidnap his adolescent son.

He was again shot in the back. This time not by a suspect, but by the government and executives he worked for; abandoned and marginalized, the threats and dangers ignored.

In 2008, his home was destroyed by an arsonist. Jay’s wife and kids were inside and narrowly escaped. Jay’s bosses attempted to frame him as the arsonist and thus, someone willing to murder his own family by fire.

What came next was corruption and cover-up of proportions that few would ever believe our government was capable of.

This is his true story…

What they’re saying about “Catching Hell”

“Jay lived the roles in life that I live to play in movies.” 
Gerard Butler, Actor, 300, Olympus/London Has Fallen, Law Abiding Citizen, Hunter Killer, Den of Thieves

“Jay was the most effective undercover officer to ever tape on a body wire and walk into the Devil’s trailer court. 
God forbid the weak or innocent were ever bullied in his presence.”

– Louie Quinonez, ATF Agent (ret.) and author of the bestseller, Satchel Boy

“Jaybird lived to face the criminal devils, then he was forced to face the corrupt bureaucratic devils.  He almost became a devil himself, but fortunately, all the devils lost!”
– Charlie Fuller, ATF Agent (ret.), Founder and Executive Director of The International Association of Undercover Officers

“Jay works hard, he plays hard and his honesty saves the lives of those 1st Responders that serve even harder!” – Sean Riley, President and Founder of Safe Call Now

“I have had the opportunity to work with many undercover operatives in my career.  I can say without a doubt Jay Dobyns is one of the best!  Jay has been measured and he has met the challenges, he is a man of great character.”
– Gayland Hammack, Sergeant, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (ret.)

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