Mississippi CISM Interventions… Separating The Responders?


It is a provocative idea to separate, by discipline, responders to specific events. Sometimes, it seems like a better idea than others.
In Mississippi, the CISM world developed unusually relative to the rest of most statewide programs with which I am familiar.  In 2004, we started a program to develop regionally some CISM responders for needs in the area of first responders specifically.  We targeted peers, mental health professionals, and chaplains explicitly for the coursework and training.  As a result of funding that was made available by a grant through the Mississippi Department of Health, we were able to provide training to over 600 individuals throughout the state.  We piloted the GRIN course due to some time constraints for potential participants here.  It was an exciting time for us.

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Bullying In Corrections

By Dr. Olivia Johnson – Blue Wall Institute

The isolation of a job in corrections can leave many feeling out of sight and out of mind. And being out of sight and out of mind tends to allow certain things to go unaddressed.  A general consensus I have noticed when talking with CO’s has been that they believe no one cares about their wellbeing and that workplace bullying and bad behavior is at an all time high. Just listening to these stories is enough to make you cry, but I have to ask: What is wrong with us that we have become so cold as to not care about a fellow officer? When did backstabbing, gossip, and all around bad behavior in the workplace become acceptable?  Of course perception and reality may be two different things, but if so many CO’s are feeling this way, doesn’t that say something?  If it doesn’t, it should.

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#1stresponders, Their Families & Al-Anon

By Safe Call Now Admin

Alcoholism is a family disease. Compulsive drinking affects the drinker and it affects the drinker’s relationships. Friendships, employment, childhood, parenthood, love affairs, and marriages all suffer from the effects of alcoholism.  Those special relationships in which a person is really close to an alcoholic are affected most, and we who care are the most caught up in the behavior of another person.  We react to an alcoholic’s behavior. Seeing that the drinking is out of hand, we try to control it.  We are ashamed of the public scenes but try to handle it in private. It isn’t long before we feel we are to blame and take on the hurts, the fears, and the guilt of an alcoholic.  We, too, can become ill.

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