By Jay Dobyns – ATF Agent (retired), Best Selling Author and Keynote Speaker

As an Agent with a passion for undercover work, I accepted every nasty, dirty assignment I was presented.  I was determined to put my own personal dent in the universe.

I took on the jobs that many others declined or didn’t have the stomach for. Guns. Bombs.  Infiltrations.  Violence.  Brutality.  Viciousness.  Racism.  Corruption.  Murder. Rape.  Drug dealing.  Home Invaders.  Murder-For-Hire solicitors.  Gang members.  I lived for the opportunity to stand next to it.

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Alcoholism In The #1stresponder Family

By Safe Call Now Admin

Families and Friends Are Affected

Alcoholism is a family disease.  Compulsive drinking affects the drinker and it affects the drinker’s relationships.  Friendships, employment, childhood, parenthood, love affairs, and marriages all suffer from the effects of alcoholism.  Those special relationships in which a person is really close to an alcoholic are affected most, and we who care are the most caught up in the behavior of another person.  We react to an alcoholic’s behavior. Seeing that the drinking is out of hand, we try to control it.  We are ashamed of the public scenes but try to handle it in private. It isn’t long before we feel we are to blame and take on the hurts, the fears, and the guilt of an alcoholic.  We, too, can become ill.

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Does Poor Leadership Kill First Responders?

By Sean Riley – President & Founder, Safe Call Now

Indecisive, the ability to not make a decision.  Ahhh but there’s more included in the definition.  Putting a decision off or can’t make an effective one.  That’s important to note.  I work with many people in the public sector (agencies) as well as private companies.  One thing I’ve noticed on my travels around the country are the management styles of leadership.  There are incredible leaders of people out there and then I see managers.  People wanting to be leaders but fit the definition of indecisiveness.

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