Why First Responders Should Travel for Treatment

It can feel overwhelming when trying to decide where to go to treatment. Whether you are suffering from a mental health issue or a drug or alcohol addiction, there is a multitude of treatment centers to choose from. Treatment centers are everywhere, so there is probably one near where you live, but it may not be the right one for you. Traveling to a treatment center in different state could be the right choice for you.

There are many factors to consider when determining where you should complete your  treatment, but one of the most important factors is location. It can feel comfortable staying near home while receiving treatment, but it could be beneficial for both you and your loved ones if you complete your recovery process in a different location than where your issues started or manifested.

Here are some key reasons to consider traveling outside your state for treatment:

A New Mindset Away From Your Daily Life

When you are staying in the same place for your treatment as you were in for your problems, you can be likely to fall into old habits. Staying in the same environment, whether it is physical or social, can prevent you from moving on and focusing on your journey to recovery. Having fresh scenery can help you develop a fresh mindset and outlook on your journey, instead of focusing on how this is affecting your loved ones, home, or work. It is important to remember that thinking about yourself first is not selfish during recovery; it is essential for growth and overcoming your those matters that are impacting your life. Since you are looking for help, you are already on the right path to changing your mindset to a more healthy way of living. With additional professional help at a treatment center, you can truly make a remarkable recovery through a healthier outlook on life.

A New Environment Away From Daily Triggers

An important part of having a new mindset is being in a new place with new people. Being surrounded by people going through similar or the same issues as you can help you realize you are not alone. You are not alone in this struggle. Becoming a part of a support group can make a big difference in your effectiveness of recovery, as you support others and receive advice from others. Changing your surroundings is imperative in finding your new mindset. Though you are not on a vacation and should not view it as if you are, it is okay, as well as important, to relax and feel comfortable in your new environment. Being in a beautiful place with nice weather can feel like a “perfect getaway,” in which you can leave some of your worries behind and focus on your treatment. You can truly feel like you are starting over on a literal, moving path towards recovery with your travel to a new place, both physically and mentally.

A Safe-Bubble Away from Dysfunction & Chaos

Many families with an addict in them become dysfunctional, either through codependency or enabling. Having a support system that includes your loved ones is important, but it is also important to get away from triggers. During your recovery, you may want to fall back into old habits for comfort reasons, but you should try to resist this urge. When you are in a drug rehab center, you cannot just rely on friends or family to enable your addiction or make excuses for you. Of course, it is possible to stay in communication with and see your family, but this should not interfere with your treatment or building of new habits. Being in a new place also places constraints on you, since you may not know the area as well or how to get around. These things can help constrain you from falling back into old habits that may have also assisted in your alcohol or drug addiction.

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