Las Vegas… Sin City for First Responders???

By Sean Riley – Safe Call Now President & Founder

You’ve all heard the saying before… “Sin City”… “Anything Goes”… “What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas”… I’m not sure about that but I do know it is where I got my first opportunity to Keynote and that I’m here about 10 times a year. This is a city that can be cruel, it can bankrupt you, tear families apart, it caters to all addictions known to mankind and will chew you up and spit you out and laugh all the way to the bank. Almost a metaphor for the first responder profession. We eat our own!!!

It’s a city of all or nothing. First responders can kind of be an “all or nothing” type of population. We work hard and we play hard, always has been the mantra. That work hard and play hard attitude can push us to the extremes. I lived on the extremes through 23 years of addictions. It was a horrible way to live, either in total fear or total bliss.

I always strive to get somewhere in the middle and the only way I knew how was through self-medication. Whether it be alcohol, narcotic pain medication, working out, over spending or anything else I could latch on too.

I remember once that a Captain pulled me into his office and told me that either I had the best of days off the charts or the worst of days off the charts compared to anyone else. I got results and that’s all they were interested in. He also told me that they let me run on the razors edge and when I fell to the other side they would pull me back and let me run all over again because I produced the results they wanted. At what sacrifice, definitely at mine but I made them look good and that’s all I cared about.

Family, personal relationships, balance in my life… I didn’t care because it was all about ego for me. Every case I took on I made it personal instead of just doing my job. The extremes… didn’t work very well for me. I try to no longer to live life on the extremes anymore. I strive to remain in the middle and balanced, I actually get better results and peace of mind.

First responders, you’re in a noble profession. To run into a burning building to save a life, or run towards the gunfire when the rest of the world is running away from them doesn’t require an “all or nothing” attitude. You are highly trained and you will always do your job. Maybe it’s time to change our attitudes… You’re a human being first and a professional second. Your job doesn’t define who you are as a person nor should it. When life gets out of balance for you remember we at Safe Call Now are here for you 24/7… Nationwide!!!

Welcome to “life” it’s a great thing!!! Stay safe out there, we need you.

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