What Should We Demand From an Organization and Its Leaders?

By Safe Call Now Admin Staff – “Please Share”

After being at this work for a very long time, I have seen some very nasty, unprofessional, and bullying tactics happening behind the scenes. This includes being personally harassed and spoken ill of. It is disheartened and sad to say the least. Why? Because the supporters of these organizations have no idea who these “so-called” leaders are and what their true goal is.

I am asking – “what should we demand from leaders and their organizations who are putting information out there”? When did we as a society decide it was okay to just believe anything we see, hear, or read?

If I told you there were 300 law enforcement suicides this year to-date, would you just believe me?

Would you question me? Why are we not asking for the proof? Why are we just taking everyone’s word for it?

I mean after all, if we can call out fake stories on social media, is it not time to question things that have much more riding on it? Why are we turning a blind eye? Is it because of the topic, the fear that we will offend those left behind, or the fear of upset those putting out the information. This is not about making someone feel bad. This is about sharing real, verifiable information.

There is nothing wrong with asking for verification. If you want the truth, we must ask these questions. Many do not ask these questions because some leaders do not like to be questioned, and some will become aggressive and hostile when held accountable for what they are putting out.

We all know that many people do not share everything honestly on their personal social media pages…why do we think businesses do.

You have the right to ask and call out any information you feel should be questioned. What is the difference between fake news and real news? The answer verifiable information.

Are you getting verified information or just taking someone’s word for it?

Let’s make the leaders accountable for their behavior and their work.

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