Finding A Different Perspective…

By Steven Smith – Retired Assistant Chief of Police

Far too often I get stuck in my own head. I lose an overall perspective and get focused only what I can see in that moment. I’ve been actively working to get out of that habit, but more times than I like to admit my emotions cloud that effort. So to correct that, I look for perspective and inspiration from the world around me, I live in the woods and nature tends to provide me with more perspective and inspiration than I could have ever realize.

As I was driving our side by side across our property, there was a moth just consistently flying into the windshield in an attempt to get out. The side windows were open and freedom was right there. The way out was just to the side of it, but it was so focused on what was in front of it that the moth couldn’t see. There was no perspective of what was around it. The moth could see what it wanted, but there was an invisible wall that was stopping it. If it would have stopped, paused for a minute and looked around it would have seen that there was a way out; a path to what it needed and wanted.

As we become stressed with everyday life and past experiences we begin to loose perspective. We become that moth. Banging our heads off that windshield over and over again to no avail. Ultimately unless we change something we are going to fail, again we become just like the moth.

There is a possibility that the moth may have eventually found its way out and been fine, but how many moths have you seen that didn’t make it? Once again, we become the moth. How many of us have become so lost in what we’ve been through and didn’t make it out? I say too many. I helped that moth make it out of the side by side. Just like that moth, we all need help out of a situation that were in. Sometimes someone else can see the different perspective that we can’t see because we are too focused on our own windshield. That situation happened to me. I was so lost in my own. It took someone saying if you don’t change what you’re doing you are not going to make it. I had to let go of my perspective to see my way out.

So will you take the help to change your perspective, to change your life? Make the difference, make the call. The life you save may be your own.

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