We Are Here For You!!!

By Morgan Young – Vice President Client Services/Public Entities – Homes Murphy & Associates

COVID-19 – the term everyone in the world is very intimately familiar with right now. As I’m writing this, I’m sitting here at my kitchen table with my Kindergarten and 1st grade girls who are out of school. I’m trying to keep them occupied while I try and work. Nothing about today’s environment is normal. This is a time of high anxiety, fear of the unknown and worry about ourselves and loved ones. However, we are here for you. Read that again – WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!

We know that your role as a First Responder is to be on the front lines. We appreciate and respect all that you have done and are doing to keep others safe. At Responder Health, we partner with organizations like Safe Call Now and Holmes Murphy who are built to support you during this time.

The president of Holmes Murphy, Den Bishop, recently released a blog with this statement, ““Insurance is about protection in times of unexpected events and circumstances. COVID-19 has clearly created one of these unexpected times. We are made for this, and we will be here to help you, our customers, navigate the insurance and risk questions and actions so that you, your employees and families, and our communities can bounce back to normal as efficiently as possible.”

At Safe Call Now, the President and Founder Sean Riley, shared that they are currently fielding an unprecedented level of calls. As a first responder, you are programmed not to show fear or ask for help. Safe Call Now is unique because they are staffed with current and former first responders that have been in your shoes and know what you are dealing with. The Safe Call Now team is available 24/7 and can help you deal with and process during these difficult times. They are just one phone call away: 206-459-3020

You are not alone – We are here for you!

If you, someone you love or someone you know needs help, call:

Safe Call Now:  24 Hour Confidential Hotline:  206-459-3020

For more information on the First Responders program:  Click here

Or call Shannon Clairemont at 661-466-6352 or Vanessa Stapleton at 304-651-3008