Reset, Restore & Let God…

By Debbie Terry

We are in the middle of a pandemic that is, if we listen to the popular news sources, unendingly deadly, all the doom and gloom, blah, blah, blah.

I say this not with disrespect to what this virus is doing to our world, nor with blindness to the seriousness of it, but with an eye for the lack of attention to what God is doing in our midst. I want to hear from that voice in the wind. And, I think I have….

Let me explain.

“There’s a voice in the wind that calls your name, if you listen you’ll never be the same. There’s a voice in the wind that points the way, gently beckons to follow and obey.”

These are words from a Petra song that could often be heard drifting through the air on the campus where I attended college. They’ve always brought me deep peace and have reminded me and grounded me when the loudness of this world threatens to drown me and leave me terrified of the outcome.

A few weeks ago, right before this pandemic was declared, I had been studying the book of Isaiah chapter by chapter. The words were divinely speaking directly to situations and issues directly related to this organization. We were seeing in scripture the exact things that were coming to play with in the organizations. Isaiah had become our playbook so to speak.

Before COVID-19 had become a household word in our country, I underlined the words in Isaiah 19:22 “The Lord will strike Egypt with a plague; he will strike them and heal them. They will turn to the Lord, and he will respond to their pleas and heal them.”

(I encourage you to look that up for yourselves and also read the verses before that to get an understanding of the healing the Lord sought to bring to Egypt and ultimately to us.)

A few days after that, maybe even a week or more, I began reading the next chapter after discussing another issue that had come up in the organization with Sean regarding unifying this business within our own country, as in the East and the West. Isaiah 20 speaks of the chasm between the coasts which was exactly what we had been wrestling with. And we heard the “Voice in the wind” telling us that RESTORATION was coming from this chaos.

I am not one to push my own interpretations of what I feel the Lord is saying. I always ask for confirmation to be sure I have heard correctly. Sometimes, confirmation comes from the others directly involved and sometimes it comes from an outer source and sometimes I literally fall upon that confirmation weeks later from someplace completely unexpected. This is what happened in this case.

This is a quote published in an article from Charisma magazine’s Instagram account just this week in reference to the current pandemic situation:

“Passing through this crucial period will require some intense chiropractic adjustments…Whatever is out of alignment will be challenged. There will be a lot of pulling and stretching as we eventually move into the recovery phase and ultimately, if the Lord is willing, into one of the greatest times in recent history called the “Restoration of All Things” (see Acts 3:19-21). These are extreme times. If we are not careful and prayerful, we could enter into a new war between the states where the West Coast wants one set of guidelines and the North East sector another, The Deep South, with its religious roots, could cry “foul” and demand that we take another look at the Bill of Rights. It is vital that we seize the moment during this 50-day divine reset!” (Note: the 50-day divine reset is in reference to the period between Easter and Pentecost when the Lord sent the Holy Spirit down upon His people).

I think I speak for all of us in saying that no one really wants to see a war come from this. Restoration is what the Lord really wants. Is it what we want? Or do we want to keep fighting for our own rights and our own agendas?

People, it is time to be restored. It is time to allow yourselves to be realigned back with what is healthy and useful and sound because this is what will heal our land and unify us even if those adjustments hurt temporarily.

I want to encourage you to find that Voice in the wind today. If you are finding yourself wanting to talk about this please feel free to contact me. The Lord has us all in the palm of His hand.

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