Safe Call Now’s Emotional Body Armor Series

March 14th – 16th               Los Angeles, CA

March 21st                          Calthamet, WA

March 26th – 30th               Daytona Beach, FL

March 29th                          Spokane, WA

March 30th -31st                Palmdale, CA

April 4th -5th                        Woodburn, OR

April 9th -13th                      Las Vegas, NV

April 17th                            Washington DC

April 16th -19th                    Daytona Beach, FL

April 24th– 26th                   Waco, TX

May 2nd                               Fairfax, VA

May 5th                                Salt Lake City, UT

May 7th – 11th                     Rochester, NY

May 21st– 23rd                     Washington DC

June 11th-15th                     Honolulu, HI

June 13th – 14th                  West Virginia

July 15th – 20th                   Las Vegas, NV (LAP)

August 3rd– 4th                   Los Angeles, CA

August 13th                         Las Vegas, NV

August 14th                         Dallas, TX

August 15th-17th                Las Vegas, NV

August 20th– 24th               Denver, CO

September 20th                 Chicago, IL

October 15th– 19th             New Orleans, LA

October 18th                      Leavenworth, WA           (tentative)

November 5th– 9th            Austin, TX


*The State of Maryland is going to schedule multiple sessions (DTBD)