Handling Stress And Burnout As A First Responder

By Joseph Hunter, M.A., First Responder Wellness Program

The daily stress and constant exposure to life threatening situations that first responders encounter can lead to burnout. They also have to face the physical strain of working long hours and getting very little sleep. In addition to burnout, handling the pressures of the job can eventually lead to drug and alcohol use.

Burnout is a feeling of extreme exhaustion and being completely overwhelmed. Due to their exposure to distressing situations, first responders have a higher level of burnout and fatigue. Plus, those who work at disaster scenes can encounter a secondary traumatic process, which leads to flashbacks and PTSD.

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Signs And Symptoms of First Responder Substance Misuse

There are many telltale signs that can suggest that a first responder is misusing medication, drugs and/or alcohol. Depending on the substance that is being misused, the amount of the given substance or substances that is being consumed, and the length of time an individual have been struggling with substance misuse can all affect the obviousness of a substance problem. If you are concerned that you or a loved one is battling substance misuse, it is a good idea to take note of the following signs and symptoms:

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Firefighter PTSD & Trauma Help…

The First Responder Wellness Program is dedicated to the overall health and wellness of a profession that demands the utmost from the public. We provide a complete continuum of care with culturally competent personnel for all first responders, public safety professionals, retirees and their family members nationwide. Through our unique and unmatched services we offer premier modalities of healing with traditional and non-traditional methods and confront the issues that impact the personal and professional lives of those who serve.

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