When God Grants Wishes…

By Ti Mahoney Blair

11:11 is the time to make wishes, so when 11:11 comes, wishes she makes.  Twice a day if she’s lucky. But only if she catches it by accident.  If you stare and watch the clock turn, it doesn’t count.  Old OCD number associations die hard and this is just one that stayed. Trying hard not to wish for herself but for those she loves or hates.  Never a bad wish.  A wish for forgiveness, transformation, love, understanding or health.  On 11/11, even better to catch Wish Time.  Do the wishes double?  Or does some cosmic explosion happen, setting off a time lapsed practical joke?  One push and the wheel sets in motion.

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Miss Baylee Almon… Through Sheer Tragedy You Have Brought Us All Life!

By Sean Riley

Most everyone around the world recognizes this photo on that fateful day of April 19th, 1995 in Oklahoma City of my dear friend Chris Fields so tenderly holding Baylee Almon in her last moments of life.  I’ve viewed this photograph over and over and finally had the chance to have an open and adult conversation with Chris about his experience that day and his subsequent battles and recovery in life every day after.  Baylee brought so much more to this world than this picture that is etched in everybody’s mind.

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Handling Stress And Burnout As A First Responder

By Joseph Hunter, M.A., First Responder Wellness Program

The daily stress and constant exposure to life threatening situations that first responders encounter can lead to burnout. They also have to face the physical strain of working long hours and getting very little sleep. In addition to burnout, handling the pressures of the job can eventually lead to drug and alcohol use.

Burnout is a feeling of extreme exhaustion and being completely overwhelmed. Due to their exposure to distressing situations, first responders have a higher level of burnout and fatigue. Plus, those who work at disaster scenes can encounter a secondary traumatic process, which leads to flashbacks and PTSD.

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