What is the VA Mission Act?

By Vincent Bindi – First Responder & Family Wellness

As a treatment facility that caters to veterans, it is imperative that we are familiar with the VA Mission Act so that we may provide additional support to our veteran clients.  While veterans in our program maintain weekly contact with their VA representatives, we at TruVida Recovery and Wellness Military Veterans Program are skilled in navigating the appropriate programs for our clients.

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Are “EAP” Programs Enough for First Responders?

By Morgan Young – Vice President – Client Services, Employee Benefits – Holmes Murphy & Associates

I recently wrapped up our public entity benefits conference season, and there was a key theme in most of the sessions — mental health and wellness.  You’re probably reading this thinking, “I’ve got an EAP… my health plan has this covered.”  I would challenge you to take a hard look at your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and be critical when determining “is it enough?”

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Do First Responders Understand Their Mental Health Benefits?

By Safe Call Now Admin Staff

The answer to that question is “probably not.”  About half of all employees don’t understand their benefits.  When you think about it, that’s not really all that’s surprising. Let’s call it like it is…  our healthcare system is overly complex.  Based on the Global Brand Simplicity Index, healthcare ranks last (yes, LAST) in simplicity across 25 different industries and the large healthcare insurance companies hold three of the bottom five spots.  Yikes!

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