The Day I Got Shot Was Not My Worst Day… The Day After Was!!!

By Steven Smith – Retired Assistant Chief

So what do you do when it happens? When the worst happens, what do you do? Have you ever wondered or asked that question? I wondered, but never allowed myself to delve too deep into it. That is until the worst happened.

Now I have had a lot of bad days and bad calls that have stayed with me and they probably always will. You know the ones, the ones that never quite go away, then become a part of you, even change the way you do things, but what do you do when you are the bad call? When the call goes bad and you become the call.

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The #Trauma of the Small Town First Responder…

By Safe Call Now Admin Staff

It is no secret that it is hard to be a first responder. What surprises me is the small town mindset that small town first responders shouldn’t have the same trauma as first responders in a large city. Hear me when I say “trauma is trauma.”

Just for the sake of those who don’t understand, let’s discuss small town trauma for a moment. We live in a seemingly safe small town. Our county has about 25,000 and the city is very much “everyone knows everyone.” We rarely make the news.

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A Letter To The Man I Killed… by a Cop

By Kirk Lawless

Some people know this about me; others do not. I have killed a man. This is not a confession; it is just fact. I have nothing to hide about it. I am not ashamed of the fact. I have no regrets about doing it. I was doing my job. At the time of your death, I was a police officer. And, you tried your best to kill me. I am the police officer that killed you.

I hope you were not long in your suffering, but as I am aware, during the short time I spent with you, listening to your cries of agony and for mercy, the curses you spat at me, I endured, as you bled to death. I endured.

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