When God Grants Wishes…

By Ti Mahoney Blair

11:11 is the time to make wishes, so when 11:11 comes, wishes she makes.  Twice a day if she’s lucky. But only if she catches it by accident.  If you stare and watch the clock turn, it doesn’t count.  Old OCD number associations die hard and this is just one that stayed. Trying hard not to wish for herself but for those she loves or hates.  Never a bad wish.  A wish for forgiveness, transformation, love, understanding or health.  On 11/11, even better to catch Wish Time.  Do the wishes double?  Or does some cosmic explosion happen, setting off a time lapsed practical joke?  One push and the wheel sets in motion.

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Suicide Sunday…

By Ti Mahoney Blair

It’s a lovely Sunday morning. I’m PMS’ed, pissy, lack energy, wobbly and feel like my legs are going to buckle out from under me, unmotivated, uninspired, cranky, sluggish and frankly annoyed.  This is good news. I’m having feelings.

The subject of suicide has come up on Facebook.  And it’s just fascinating and gross to watch how society recoils at the mention of it. Suicide.  Those posts are obviously akin to a societal leper.  Nobody wants to touch them. There’s only a select few of us who have either been affected by suicide with family and friends, or who have thought about, attempted it, wanted it ourselves.

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Secondary PTSD… What is it?

By Robert Rabe

Every critical incident has similarities, and differences.  In addition, every law enforcement officer’s reaction to an incident is individual as well.  Some officers go through the process of integrating the experience into their psyche without difficulty.  Usually this is with the help of others (peer group counseling, debriefings).  It is difficult to an effectively process an incident alone.  The family is one of the primary contacts for processing stressful incidents. But what can the family possibly do to help the officer?

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