Trauma… When It Comes Knocking At Your Door


Steven Smith – Retired Assistant Chief Of Police

As a 1st responder we experience the worst of humanity, see people at their worst and lowest times. We tend to protect ourselves from all of this by just stowing it away, not dealing with it, filing it away. Well I did that and after I retired those experiences came knocking. Sometimes they came all at once, other times one at a time. I’m not sure which way was worse being overwhelmed by the horde of experiences or remembering every detail from them as they came in one by one.

I’m going to tell you about the ones that have come back to me recently to deal with. Not sure why but these are all focused on car wrecks. For whatever reason these are the ones that are requiring me to process and deal with now what I didn’t then. Some of these are the from almost 20 years ago and I’m also doing my best to protect the families that were involved, as I’m sure their pain is still as bad today as it was when they endured these tragedies. So here it goes, please excuse my typos as these are not easy to talk about.

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First Responders, Depression & Addiction… They Can Go Hand In Hand

By Safe Call Now Admin Staff

When someone is struggling with persistent feelings of sadness and despair, it isn’t surprising that they may initially attempt to lift their mood or soften the pain of depression using drugs or alcohol. Recognizing the prevalence of self-medicating depression symptoms by using a substance, it could be said that depression is a gateway for substance abuse or addiction.

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The #Trauma of the Small Town First Responder…

By Safe Call Now Admin Staff

It is no secret that it is hard to be a first responder. What surprises me is the small town mindset that small town first responders shouldn’t have the same trauma as first responders in a large city. Hear me when I say “trauma is trauma.”

Just for the sake of those who don’t understand, let’s discuss small town trauma for a moment. We live in a seemingly safe small town. Our county has about 25,000 and the city is very much “everyone knows everyone.” We rarely make the news.

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