First Responders… Is Your Administration Killing You?

By Sean Riley

There is one common theme that is presented to me by first responders over and over as I travel around the country for Safe Call Now… “ I can handle everything on the streets but my “Administration” is killing me… literally.” If you’re an administrator reading this, please take note, your own are reporting that you are taking their lives. Did you know by the year 2020 one of the top workplace disabilities will be anxiety and depression??? Where is this coming from, the studies indicate it is from you… The number one concern from the “boots” on the ground is that words do not match actions which leads to a double standard. This is an unhealthy balance in boundaries and ego states, I’ll go into this later.

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What Happens When They Send You To The First Responder Psychologist?

By Sean Riley

I always enjoy seeing my dear friend and co-presenter Forensic Police Psychologist Dr. Laura Brodie (I’ll talk about her later). As many first responders know, being ordered to visit the psychologist is usually not a career enhancer. First off they’re commonly sub-contracted by the department and the perception is that they may be biased for the department because that’s who’s paying the bill. Right, wrong or indifferent the door is wide open to challenge this as the first responder knows that some kind of report is going back to their agency.

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Dispatcher Trauma, Anxiety, Depression & PTSD Help… You’re Not Alone

You hear the screams no one wants to here, you talk to the people no one wants to talk to.  9-1-1 Professionals, the calm before the storm.  The emotional toll placed upon the telecommunications community has not been addressed and these brave men and women who serve deserve to not only survive but also thrive in life.  You are the unseen, underpaid and underappreciated…  UNTIL NOW!!!

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