Cop Dreams… What’s That All About???

By Betsy Brantner Smith

I wrote an article a few years ago for titled “Cop Dreams.”  The feedback was immediate and unexpected.  So many people were surprised to find out that they weren’t alone in experiencing these vivid, sometimes terrorizing dreams, and it wasn’t just the cops who were having them.

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First Responders And PTSD: Causes And Coping

By Joseph Hunter, M.A.

Many people can go their whole lives without witnessing a traumatic event.  However, this can be almost a daily occurrence for first responders.  Because of their work, they can develop post-traumatic stress disorder as it can occur after they experience a scary, shocking or dangerous event.  Because first responders are exposed to disturbing situations constantly due to their job, they are twice as likely to experience PTSD.

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Are Male & Female Officers Treated The Same In Law Enforcement?

By Sean Riley

Controversial question for some, not for me.  I’ll have to say “No” they are not.  Let’s look at the example of the female undercover officers to delve into this further.

Some of my favorite conferences to speak at are the female undercover schools. Why you ask?  Because I don’t have to fight through the testosterone, they call you on your crap and they’re much more engaging than their male counterparts.  The female UC’s are also faced with different challenges than their male counterparts too.  I often hear administrators say that the female UC’s are treated the same as men.  I don’t buy that for a second and administrators if that’s what you’re telling people, STOP!!!

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