“Turning The Job Off” After Getting Off Shift

By Safe Call Now’s Dr. Laura Brodie Ph.D.

Academies teach how to turn it on.  They teach of being alert, learning body memory, run in when everyone is running out, save the innocent; do your job! But they never teach how to turn it off.  The job teaches how to ramp up and be alert but now you’re alert at three am and reliving the day where you saw horrific things.  You’re now just pissed and annoyed at any request made of you and you’re thinking to yourself, this isn’t me.

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Organizational Stress In The First Responder Profession

By Safe Call Now’s Dr. Laura Brodie Ph.D.

Something that is not recognized by many in the civilian world is that our First Responders as a whole are more psychologically healthy than the general population at the time of hiring. How can I say this? Well, very few careers require the psychological screening and assessment that First Responders have to pass in order to obtain their job. In doing such a screening, the hope is to protect the public from someone who is unsafe, but the hidden benefit is to hopefully protect the individual doing the job from many of the psychological disorders that can develop from this type of work. So, if we use the premise that First Responders are more psychologically healthy than their civilian counterpart, why are we seeing the psychological problems we are seeing within First Responders?   Problems like substance abuse, high divorce rates and suicide? Theoretically, this should not be happening, but it is rampant. Why?

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Politics & The First Responder… It’s Killing Us!

By Sean Riley

Wow…  Look at what’s going on. I say this all of the time and I will continue to say this and those that work for us and work with us witness unfortunately everyday…  Politics, administrators and the government kill (literally) our first responders!!!  Before I go further let me say that in order for my life to get better I had to look within and change myself before I could change anything else in this world!!!

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