Scarred But Not Broken… I Have Found My New Purpose

By Jay Dobyns – ATF Agent (retired), Best Selling Author and Keynote Speaker

My entire adult life was spent as a United States federal agent confronting violence and predators on behalf of the good and innocent people in the communities I served; people who simply wanted to live their lives peacefully and safely.  I wanted to stand up for those who couldn’t or wouldn’t do that for themselves.

My fourth day on the job I was shot by a suspect.  The bullet entered my back, traveled through my lung missing my heart by millimeters and exited my chest.  I hadn’t yet received a paycheck and I was bleeding to death in the dirt and garbage of a trailer park with blood spurting from my chest like having a thumb held over the end of a garden hose.

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Armor Up! The places we go, the people we meet & the lives we save…

Safe Call Now headed into the week working with Jay Dobyns to launch his “Catching Hell” national training series as multiple requests from around the country are coming in asking for this specific training as well as the award winning “Emotional Body Armor” series. Illinois, Wyoming, Texas, Washington, Kentucky, New Mexico, Arizona, Oregon, Connecticut and Oklahoma all made formal inquires this week.

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