#1stresponders… Guess What? You’re Not Perfect!

By Safe Call Now’s Dr. Laura Brodie Ph.D.

As I think about how those in helping professions were raised, it was a message of doing your best and making sure you take care of others.  Often this was taking care of a vulnerable family member.  The person was a substance abuser, a depressed individual, an anxious parent or a parent who needed you as a child at a level you were ill equipped to handle.  You became what we in the profession call a “parentified child”. In talking to individuals who have taken on this role it is obvious they did not realize it.  They saw the path they traveled as having great parents who had no problems and they simply helped or listened. I think it is the same in First Responders.  Who else runs into danger when everyone else is running away?

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#1stresponders, Their Families & Al-Anon

By Safe Call Now Admin

Alcoholism is a family disease. Compulsive drinking affects the drinker and it affects the drinker’s relationships. Friendships, employment, childhood, parenthood, love affairs, and marriages all suffer from the effects of alcoholism.  Those special relationships in which a person is really close to an alcoholic are affected most, and we who care are the most caught up in the behavior of another person.  We react to an alcoholic’s behavior. Seeing that the drinking is out of hand, we try to control it.  We are ashamed of the public scenes but try to handle it in private. It isn’t long before we feel we are to blame and take on the hurts, the fears, and the guilt of an alcoholic.  We, too, can become ill.

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You’re Just A Cop For What It’s Worth!

By Melissa Littles, Founder – The Police Wife Life LLC.

What will it take to see the truth about law enforcement?

Our Law Enforcement Officers are being murdered as well as laying down their lives on duty every 58 hours. They are being shot while sitting at traffic lights. Executed in coffee shops and on their lunch breaks. Lured into ambushes and blown away while removing debris from the roadway, or while responding to an alarm call which was a set up. They are being killed in their own driveways, while off duty. They are being shot inside their own precincts.

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