Secondary PTSD… What is it?

By Robert Rabe

Every critical incident has similarities, and differences.  In addition, every law enforcement officer’s reaction to an incident is individual as well.  Some officers go through the process of integrating the experience into their psyche without difficulty.  Usually this is with the help of others (peer group counseling, debriefings).  It is difficult to an effectively process an incident alone.  The family is one of the primary contacts for processing stressful incidents. But what can the family possibly do to help the officer?

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“Catching Hell” With Jay Dobyns

By Safe Call Now Admin

Jay Dobyns was hired by ATF on a Monday in 1987.  4 days later he was shot point-blank in the back by a criminal suspect.  The bullet traveled through his lung and exited his chest.  He was just 26 years old.

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The People Who Save Lives At Safe Call Now… Marcia Williams

By Safe Call Now Admin

At Safe Call Now we are so grateful for the men and women who volunteer their time to serve all first responders, retirees and their family members nationwide in their times of need. You will never know who they are or what they look like and probably don’t care at 2:00 am because you just need help. Our Peer Advocates are so dedicated to guiding you through your time of crisis that we wanted to take this opportunity to introduce them to you. They really are special individuals.

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