After The Shooting…

By Vanessa Stapleton – President Armor Up West Virginia

Almost daily, I was made aware of an officer being injured or shot somewhere in the US. I am in many groups across the country where I would see the news of yet another officer critically injured. Being a wife and mother, I used to pray that these officer’s would survive. I imagined the spouse and children were an average family like us and prayed these officers would make it home to them. I was naive then. It wasn’t until our own shooting that I was awakened to the nightmare known as “after the shooting.”

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Taking Out The Trash…

By Vanessa Stapleton – President Armor Up West Virginia

Every Wednesday evening, I pull the trash can around the house to the street for pickup. Last Wednesday, I sat on my porch watching all my neighbors pull their trash down to the street to be picked up. As I watched each neighbor slowly drag their trash to the street, I went to pull my trash down as well. Actually, I went to tell my teenager to pull the trash to the street, but you get the idea. I sat back on my front porch looking at the trash cans lined down the street.

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The Unbelief…

By Debbie Terry

Today, I have a question for you. Who are you?

Some of you are thinking about your jobs as the definition of yourself; others of you are thinking about your kids as a way of defining yourself; more of you are thinking about the things you’ve done, the good, the bad, and the ugly, and probably trying to figure out how to describe yourself so you don’t come across as a monster; still others of you only see yourselves through the eyes of those who have spoken into your life, sometimes those who have spoken have not done so to build you up, but rather to correct something or to tear into you.

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