Managing PTSD As A Firefighter

By Joseph Hunter, M.A.

Firefighters face dangerous and traumatic events on a daily basis.  There is no way to know or predict which event could affect a firefighter negatively enough to cause post-traumatic stress disorder.

Unfortunately, in a culture of bravery and pride, asking for help can be seen as weakness and many do not seek the help they need.  They can be left to deal with PTSD on their own and revisit difficult and negative emotions over and over again.  Firefighters can feel like they are trapped in a painful past.

If you have noticed long periods of stress that has disrupted your home and work life, asking for help is nothing to be ashamed of.  Find out more about getting help for your PTSD.

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Firefighter PTSD & Trauma Help…

The First Responder Wellness Program is dedicated to the overall health and wellness of a profession that demands the utmost from the public. We provide a complete continuum of care with culturally competent personnel for all first responders, public safety professionals, retirees and their family members nationwide. Through our unique and unmatched services we offer premier modalities of healing with traditional and non-traditional methods and confront the issues that impact the personal and professional lives of those who serve.

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Bruised… Not Broken

By Jordeen Bishop

Life started out not so well for me as a child, when my psychotic mother would give up all parental rights to my father when I was four.  We expect our mothers to be loving, caring and protect us from all evil but what do you do when she is “the evil one”?  As some have lived through the horrors of a dysfunctional childhood, I would soon have the same experience from years of emotional and verbal abuse to her showing me what violence looks like in motion.

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