“He Who Fights The Monsters Should See To It He Does Not Become One”

By Sean Riley


Sean Riley, Jay Dobyns and Chris Fields are not stories of success, rather those of three men who were brought down to their knees contemplating life, what it meant and if it was worth living. All three served the citizens, their cities, communities and country they swore by oath to do so with honor yet they were incapable of helping themselves. After much reflection, soul searching and receiving help from others they’ve learned how to live life. What all three men share in common is they could not get help on their own.

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First Responders… Is Your Administration Killing You?

By Sean Riley

There is one common theme that is presented to me by first responders over and over as I travel around the country for Safe Call Now… “ I can handle everything on the streets but my “Administration” is killing me… literally.” If you’re an administrator reading this, please take note, your own are reporting that you are taking their lives. Did you know by the year 2020 one of the top workplace disabilities will be anxiety and depression??? Where is this coming from, the studies indicate it is from you… The number one concern from the “boots” on the ground is that words do not match actions which leads to a double standard. This is an unhealthy balance in boundaries and ego states, I’ll go into this later.

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