Miss Baylee Almon… Through Sheer Tragedy You Have Brought Us All Life!

By Sean Riley

Most everyone around the world recognizes this photo on that fateful day of April 19th, 1995 in Oklahoma City of my dear friend Chris Fields so tenderly holding Baylee Almon in her last moments of life.  I’ve viewed this photograph over and over and finally had the chance to have an open and adult conversation with Chris about his experience that day and his subsequent battles and recovery in life every day after.  Baylee brought so much more to this world than this picture that is etched in everybody’s mind.

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The Role Of Meditation & Yoga In The Recovery For First Responders

By Safe Call Now Admin

Yoga therapy and meditation are effective additions to recovery and relapse prevention. Using only one modality of treatment in a recovery plan minimizes the complexity of the individual, and makes recovery virtually impossible.

The First Responder Wellness Program carefully works with each client to devise a progressive and multi-modality treatment plan that is fully comprehensive and individualized.  Meditation and yoga therapy help during the changes you experience in recovery;  later, the special skills learned in these two therapies are effective in reducing stress, relapse prevention and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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Drawing A Line on #1stresponder Mental Health

By Brandon Dreiman

The generally-recognized statistic regarding behavioral health problems is that 1 in 5 people have a diagnosable behavioral health condition annually. I submit to you that the ratio is probably 5 in 5. The trap we fall into is believing that mental health problems are all some type of full-blown psychosis when, in fact, they can be considerably more subtle than that. A brief review of the DSM-5 will reveal a wide array of conditions — from benign to crippling.

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