Helping the Helpers in the Aftermath of Horror…

By Dr. Tania Glenn

There is no doubt that the events in Las Vegas on Sunday night have impacted and will continue to impact first responders. There is no doubt that they need help now, next week, next month and next year. The key is to offer the right kind of help at the right time. I post this article asking those to help the helpers to please pause, assess and do what is right.

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First Responder Burnout & Disaster Work

By Dr. Tania Glenn

During large scale events and disasters, first responders (police, fire, EMS, communications and hospital personnel) who are a little, somewhat, or very burned out often experience significantly more complicated burnout at the end of a disaster. Burnout is the result of coupling extremely high, sometimes unrealistic expectations with good intentions, and not having enough balance in one’s life.
The onset of burnout happens slowly. The process is hard to identify because it can be quite subtle. It happens like this: You enter a career to help others. You work hard and love your job. You put in a lot of hours, work overtime or second jobs, and surround yourself and your life with things and people that are associated with public safety. You work holidays and weekends because emergency services never rest. For a while, this feels great.
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