Addiction Killed this Cop…

By Sean Riley

Almost two years ago I received a phone call at 5:00 am advising me that my dear friend and 28-year veteran of law enforcement Terry Marvin had died of a heroin overdose (2016 repost). Of course the cop in me kicked in and I went straight to denial and then I started making phone calls to confirm his death knowing all the while it was true because that’s how addiction works. I’ve seen much negative press written about Terry’s death which is being used from my perception as political fodder to further the agendas of others. I wanted to tell you about Terry and what he meant to me.

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I Am Blue… A Cop’s Daughter

By Jessica L. Laliberte, MBA

I don’t believe in labels but one I proudly wear is that of cop’s kid. My dad was my rock, my hero and my best friend.

Growing up a police kid, especially the chief’s child, could be challenging. But to me it was one of the greatest gifts I have been given. I, unlike my sisters, embraced the blue family. I spent a lot time in the station when I was growing up. I am the baby of the family. I loved going to the police station…it was my home away from home. I was so proud of my dad. He was the first local man to rise through the ranks from patrolman to chief. He loved police work and he loved his hometown. The only thing he loved more was his family.

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What is the Addicted Cop Thinking?

By Sean Riley

A dear friend of mine always says and he’s right, “We treat our cars better than we treat our first responders in addiction who are going to die”.   When the red light comes on in our vehicles we immediately take the vehicle into the mechanic and have it assessed, evaluated and fixed. When we’re dealing with the alcoholic or addicted first responder, the red lights come on and as a profession we will enable them to protect our partners (blind loyalty), try to fix the problems ourselves (which only a professional can do) or cast them aside and throw them away as if it is someone else’s problem (the easy way out).

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