What I Fear Most… My Administration

By Sean Riley – President & Founder – Safe Call Now

There is one common theme that is presented to me over and over as I travel around the country for Safe Call Now…  “I can handle everything on the streets but my ‘Administration’ is killing me… literally.”  If you’re an administrator reading this, please take note, your own are reporting that you are taking their lives.  Did you know by the year 2020 one of the top workplace disabilities will be anxiety and depression???  Where is this is coming from, the studies indicate it may be from you…  The number one concern from the “boots” on the ground that is told to me is that words do not match actions which leads to a double standard.  This is an unhealthy balance in boundaries and ego states, I’ll go into this later.

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Does Poor Leadership Kill First Responders?

By Sean Riley – President & Founder, Safe Call Now

Indecisive, the ability to not make a decision.  Ahhh but there’s more included in the definition.  Putting a decision off or can’t make an effective one.  That’s important to note.  I work with many people in the public sector (agencies) as well as private companies.  One thing I’ve noticed on my travels around the country are the management styles of leadership.  There are incredible leaders of people out there and then I see managers.  People wanting to be leaders but fit the definition of indecisiveness.

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Bullying In Corrections

By Dr. Olivia Johnson – Blue Wall Institute

The isolation of a job in corrections can leave many feeling out of sight and out of mind. And being out of sight and out of mind tends to allow certain things to go unaddressed.  A general consensus I have noticed when talking with CO’s has been that they believe no one cares about their wellbeing and that workplace bullying and bad behavior is at an all time high. Just listening to these stories is enough to make you cry, but I have to ask: What is wrong with us that we have become so cold as to not care about a fellow officer? When did backstabbing, gossip, and all around bad behavior in the workplace become acceptable?  Of course perception and reality may be two different things, but if so many CO’s are feeling this way, doesn’t that say something?  If it doesn’t, it should.

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