“My Reality” From the Front Lines of COVID-19

While Americans watch COVID-19 sweep the country, three states seem to stand out from the others; Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey. These states have seen the greatest impact from COVID-19 with high infection and spread rates. But what is it like on the front lines in one of these states? How are first responders dealing with the pandemic? I want to explain to you what it is like.

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Hard Conversations with City Leadership… #1stresponders Lives Depend On It!!!

By Morgan Young – Vice President – Client Services, Employee Benefits – Holmes Murphy & Associates

Over the past several months, I’ve had the distinct honor to help present what I believe is a game changer for mental health benefits for First Responders. Recently, I had the opportunity to sit with the Police and Fire departments of a city in Texas and have a frank conversation about what their officers and fire fighters are dealing with and what types of help they need.

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What Should We Demand From an Organization and Its Leaders?

By Safe Call Now Admin Staff – “Please Share”

After being at this work for a very long time, I have seen some very nasty, unprofessional, and bullying tactics happening behind the scenes. This includes being personally harassed and spoken ill of. It is disheartened and sad to say the least. Why? Because the supporters of these organizations have no idea who these “so-called” leaders are and what their true goal is.

I am asking – “what should we demand from leaders and their organizations who are putting information out there”? When did we as a society decide it was okay to just believe anything we see, hear, or read?

If I told you there were 300 law enforcement suicides this year to-date, would you just believe me?

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