Why Are Jails Our Mental Health Institutions? The Impact On Corrections Officers…

By Brian Dawe

“Currently, the three largest inpatient psychiatric facilities in the country are jails: Los Angeles County Jail, Rikers Island Jail in New York City, and …  Cook County Jail in Chicago.  Each individually house more persons with mental health conditions than any psychiatric institution in the United States.”[1]

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Academics Who Sit In Ivory Towers

By Sean Riley

“RANT ALERT” – Only happens about once a year

About a year ago I was contacted and severely chastised by a nationally known scholar who sits in their “Ivory Tower” and writes a lot of papers and books on the mental health of first responders.  Mind you, I’ve never heard them on the phone with a first responder that had a gun to their head getting ready to kill themselves at 2:00 am.  Your opinions, books and papers mean nothing to me during those moments.

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What Happens When They Send You To The First Responder Psychologist?

By Sean Riley

I always enjoy seeing my dear friend and co-presenter Forensic Police Psychologist Dr. Laura Brodie (I’ll talk about her later). As many first responders know, being ordered to visit the psychologist is usually not a career enhancer. First off they’re commonly sub-contracted by the department and the perception is that they may be biased for the department because that’s who’s paying the bill. Right, wrong or indifferent the door is wide open to challenge this as the first responder knows that some kind of report is going back to their agency.

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