Trauma and the First Responder

By Safe Call Now’s Dr. Laura Brodie

As I work in treatment with individuals who have a reaction to trauma that is debilitating, I have found that there is a core issue that appears to be evident in many of these individuals. That is the issue of a poor or absent support system prior to the trauma. Many who I see afflicted with trauma worked as the strong support system for others prior to their emotional damage. They report to me that they received little comfort for leaning on others for support. They were seen as strong and capable so others assumed they could handle anything. Giving guidance, support and help to others comes so naturally to these people, but being the person in need is many times the greatest fear. Why?

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Firefighter PTSD & Trauma Help…

The First Responder Wellness Program is dedicated to the overall health and wellness of a profession that demands the utmost from the public. We provide a complete continuum of care with culturally competent personnel for all first responders, public safety professionals, retirees and their family members nationwide. Through our unique and unmatched services we offer premier modalities of healing with traditional and non-traditional methods and confront the issues that impact the personal and professional lives of those who serve.

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The Hidden Dangers of Being a Sex Crimes Detective

By Safe Call Now’s Dr. Laura Brodie Ph.D.

Working sex crimes is a necessity to protect the innocent and vulnerable. The sexual crimes of human trafficking, child pornography, prostitution and child molestation are crimes that devastate victim’s lives and destroy trust. Individuals working these crimes do so in order to attempt to stop the devastation. However, there has been little attention given to the psychological damage that can be created by performing these investigations.

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