PTSD, Depression, Suicide & Divorce are Highest Among Correctional Officers

By Brian Dawe

Every year on average ten Correctional Officers die in the line of duty. Every year 156 Correctional Officers take their own lives. The cumulative negative affects this job has on our health is devastating. For every Officer that dies in the line of duty, fifteen take their own lives.

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Drawing A Line on #1stresponder Mental Health

By Brandon Dreiman

The generally-recognized statistic regarding behavioral health problems is that 1 in 5 people have a diagnosable behavioral health condition annually. I submit to you that the ratio is probably 5 in 5. The trap we fall into is believing that mental health problems are all some type of full-blown psychosis when, in fact, they can be considerably more subtle than that. A brief review of the DSM-5 will reveal a wide array of conditions — from benign to crippling.

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This Hurts… Grief in First Responders and Family Members

By Dr. Tania Glenn, Psy.D, LCSW, CCTP

These are very tough times for many first responders and their family members across America, as law enforcement, fire, EMS and air medical find themselves dealing not only with the furnace blast traumas associated with public safety, they are also confronting the complexities of the grief process and attempting to heal after the very painful loss of their friends and coworkers.

In twenty-six years of practice, I have found that many first responders are not properly equipped with the tools or abilities to heal from grief.  Public safety folks are very good at fixing problems quickly, creatively and efficiently.  Over time, many of our police, fire and EMS professionals attempt to adopt this strategy for their personal lives and problems.  They soon realize that this does not necessarily work, and they experience a significant amount of frustration on top of everything else they are going through.

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