The Role Of Meditation & Yoga In The Recovery For First Responders

By Safe Call Now Admin

Yoga therapy and meditation are effective additions to recovery and relapse prevention. Using only one modality of treatment in a recovery plan minimizes the complexity of the individual, and makes recovery virtually impossible.

The First Responder Wellness Program carefully works with each client to devise a progressive and multi-modality treatment plan that is fully comprehensive and individualized.  Meditation and yoga therapy help during the changes you experience in recovery;  later, the special skills learned in these two therapies are effective in reducing stress, relapse prevention and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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Drawing A Line on #1stresponder Mental Health

By Brandon Dreiman

The generally-recognized statistic regarding behavioral health problems is that 1 in 5 people have a diagnosable behavioral health condition annually. I submit to you that the ratio is probably 5 in 5. The trap we fall into is believing that mental health problems are all some type of full-blown psychosis when, in fact, they can be considerably more subtle than that. A brief review of the DSM-5 will reveal a wide array of conditions — from benign to crippling.

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Safe Call Now Saved My Officer’s Life

By Mike Cantaloupe – Chief of Police, Cocoa, FL

I am a firm believer in the Safe Call Now program.  When I was first appointed as Chief of Police, I encountered what I believe to be a Chief’s or administrator’s worst nightmare.  I received a call from another local Chief who stated that one of my officers was threatening to kill himself.  There were several text messages from the officer.  We were able to isolate my officer but then the real nightmare began.  He was able to basically convince my entire command staff that he was fine and that we really needed to let him go home.  I had to literally order one of my Majors to “Baker Act” the officer who by the way is a very close friend of mine.  Yes, that made the situation even worse. He became very aggressive towards me and basically told me he hated my guts and I was ruining his career, not in those exact words.  My friend and my officer was going to die!!!

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