“I wish I would have discovered this sooner.  Shit wouldn’t be the way it is. I truly think God wanted me there today and this was the hope I was missing and his way of telling me everything will be fine.  I’m serious, this guy changed my life and gave me more in 3 hours than any other training I’ve been too”

Conference Evaluation from a Participant

It takes an immense amount of courage to face your personal demons.  An even greater amount is needed to discuss those publicly and with transparency.  Sean Riley does that with a heart to help other 1st Responders avoid the pitfalls he suffered.

Jay Dobyns – Federal Agent (ret), Author, Keynote Speaker

“As a retired fed, and now a law enforcement Chaplain and Crisis Responder, I’ve had the privilege of working with Jay Dobyns and knowing his story. I have personally vetted Sean Riley and Safe Call Now as the real deal for Suicide Intervention and Crisis Training. Reading some of Chris Fields story is all it took. I’m convinced this group’s training will cause healthy paradigm shifts and save lives throughout the first responder world”

Larry Briggs – Law Enforcement Chaplain

In a sub-culture that hides what many consider weakness, the #EmotionalBodyArmor training by Safe Call Now incredibly shatters those barriers. Sean Riley was willing to be vulnerable with his personal experiences to our first responders, showing he had walked the walk. A friend and I were discussing the effects of trauma and he said, “I’m tired of losing my friends.” Emotional Body Armor training will change your life, it did mine!

John P Ward-Metropolitan Alliance of Police

“I recently attended the #EmotionalBodyArmor training at the City of Bend Police Department. This class is relevant for police, fire, dispatch, corrections, parole, probation, spouses and significant others. You owe it to yourselves and loved ones to attend this amazing class.”

Tom Hietala- Bend, OR Training Officer

I’m not a first responder but I can tell you that listening to Sean Riley from Safe Call Now speak left a permanent impression on me. I’m so glad that Sean is on those stages, sharing his story and saving lives. If you’re ever blessed enough to hear Sean speak, don’t let that opportunity pass you by.

Terry Dell – The Movement Company Inc. Business Law Seminar Group LLC

Fantastic training Sean. This should be mandatory for every first responder. You’re doing great work. Thank you for all you do.

Cory Darling – Police Captain at Bend Oregon Police Department

Sean, you continue to tackle the “stigma” and open the doors for first responders who need specialized care.  Thank you for saving the lives of heroes!

Katrina Laura Klein Masterson – Retired ATF